Professional Moving Company

Professional Moving Company
By westwebart 01.05.2023

You finally selected a moving company. You got an estimate and feel happy about the price that fits your budget. When moving day arrives, a crew shows up at your house, then you start to realize that the move will take longer than expected which increases your final bill. […]

5 Things You Must Know Before Moving to Seattle

moving and packing
By Two Men And A Moving Van 21.06.2022
Every year, thousands of people move to Seattle, and with good reason. It’s one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, it has an exciting tech ecosystem, and the weather is magnificent (during summer, at least). So, if you’re considering becoming a Seatteite in the near future, we’ve compiled a list of 5 [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Washington?

moving services
By Two Men And A Moving Van
If you’re planning to move out of your Washington home, hiring a full-service moving company is the most convenient option. This way, you can outsource the entire operation – meaning you won’t be actively involved in packing up the rooms, loading up the moving truck, driving to the destination, or unloading the truck. Instead, the [...]

Ranking the Hardest Rooms to Pack While Moving

packing services
By Two Men And A Moving Van 13.06.2022
As anyone who has moved houses will tell you: just start. The longer you spend thinking about how much work it is, the less inclined you’ll be to get started. Please note that this doesn’t mean you should start packing without a plan; it will only make the job more challenging. Planning is good, and [...]

Need moving supplies? We’ve got you covered!

Moving Supplies | Tapes & Tools | Two Men And A Moving Van
By Two Men And A Moving Van 25.03.2021
Need moving supplies? We’ve got you covered! Our branded moving supplies are good for any size move! We provide high quality moving supplies at affordable prices! Two Men And A Supplies Van LLC offers a wide selection of storage boxes and moving supplies to help you pack, move, and store your items safely and with [...]

Check out the list of Apartment Complexes we partner with!

Apartment Complex | Two Men And A Moving Van
By Two Men And A Moving Van 25.02.2021
We are happy to team up with the right partner and share them with our clients! If you have decided to move but don't have a place in mind - check out our partner list of Apartment Complexes that provide a 5-star living experience to their tenants! We would gladly help you move with a [...]

Tips for Moving During Covid-19

Moving during Covid-19 | Two Men And A Moving Van
By Two Men And A Moving Van 12.12.2020
Recent Posts Fridge & Freezer Delivery Service Quick Sofa Delivery Service Appliance Delivery Service Quick Furniture Delivery Furniture Delivery in Seattle Not sure about moving during the pandemic? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The Coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns have compelled all of us to stay up-to-date with the latest recommendations from the government and the [...]

How to Select a Self-Storage Facility

2men Storage | Two Men And A Moving Van
By Two Men And A Moving Van 24.04.2020
If you are moving to the Kent area, you may need to store your belongings temporarily while you find a permanent place to live. If this is the case, you’ll want to take into consideration a few things when choosing the storage solution for you. Location Sizes & Types of Storage Amenities Price Hours Lease [...]

Best Movers in Greater Seattle area

Experienced Movers Img | Two Men And A Moving Van
By Two Men And A Moving Van 16.04.2020

Our criteria for hiring movers is very strict. A new candidate needs to be punctual, reliable, and a team-player in addition to being able to lift up to 100 lbs. Most of the movers are referred by our local community or through word of mouth they hear that we are an honest company that treats employees with respect. Our movers all pass a criminal background check so you can feel secure about our movers entering your house. We are proud of our incredible crew.

What is professional moving equipment?

Small Box 1 | Two Men And A Moving Van
By Two Men And A Moving Van 12.01.2020

The advantage of going with a professional moving company is to benefit not only from the movers’ know-how but also from using their equipment. Professional moving equipment might be expensive. When you move by yourself, you need to rent moving equipment along with the moving truck. […]

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