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Furniture Assembling & Disassembling Company

Our company provides comprehensive residential and commercial moving services. We have specially trained specialists who, if necessary, will carry out the disassembling of the furniture onsite. All items will be securely packed and placed in a vehicle designed to transport your property. After delivering the furniture to its final destination, we will provide its professional assembling.

You do not have to worry about anything because our competent specialists are fully responsible for the safety of the property and carefully carry out all the necessary work.

We offer pre-disassemble the furniture

We make a plan for all the necessary preparatory work in advance to save time on moving. Then, you can call us and order local experts to disassemble the furniture near me. You must have special tools, skills, and abilities to perform the appropriate type of work. Our experts will quickly and efficiently carry out the disassembly of furniture, which will significantly simplify the moving of structural elements to a new place.

We provide quality services from an experienced professional assembler, which may include:

  • standard connection of modules;
  • installation of cupboards, mezzanines, shelves, and hangers;
  • installation of mirrors.

Therefore, you can safely trust our masters, who will securely attach all the elements and bring your furniture to its proper form after the move. In addition, they will install cupboards, sliding doors, and drawers and adjust facades.

У we have a reasonable, affordable assemble cost

Acceptable assembler price depends on the size, type, and complexity. It is guaranteed to justify itself with the efficiency and quality of work performed at a high professional level. You can order the cheapest service option from us. Call the manager to clarify all the details that interest you.

We guarantee the best service to meet various consumer needs. Our professional team will meet your expectations in terms of price, quality, mental peace, reliability, and speed of order fulfillment. We will be happy to be of the utmost service to you. Become our client and personally evaluate your benefits. We are sure you will be satisfied.

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